The Think Secret secret

December 21, 2007

Apple has forced ThinkSecret to close down after posting a story about forth coming apple products in 2005, without any details of the confidential agreement there’s some speculation around.

Was there a pay off? Was it sheer legal pressure? Was it that apple was going to loose the case?

Those that know aren’t saying. For a site that came into being to expose apple secrets to die with a apple secret seems fitting, if a little ironic.


Strange. For a site that’s supposedly shut down, it is a little odd to be posting news days after the announcement, http://notes.thinksecret.com/

There’s some speculation here



December 9, 2007

It’s raining a lot at the moment and the entire population of London appears to have devolved into two very separate sub-species. Those that know how walk with an umbrella up, and those that don’t.

Those that don’t are beginning to annoy me.


Confess Your Crushes

December 6, 2007

Over on Gedblog, Gedeon, cofounder of the awesome icon factory has invited readers to post their teenage crushes. I couldn’t resist! So here are mine.


Wilma from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


The original Bionic Woman


Daisy Duke (Naturally!)


Nancy Drew from the Nancy Drew Mysteries


And finally the only one from the UK, Sarah Jane from Dr Who.

The reason is nothing more than the fact that I’m a sucker for a pretty face. Pure lust, plain and simple. Here’s everyone else’s

Living in the now
Cocoia Blog
Russian Mafia Babe

I think I’m first up being in the UK. I can’t wait to see what Sebastiaan posts, as he says two are cartoon characters! Realistically, I can only think of Betty Rubble from the Flintstones, Penelope Pitstop from the Wacky Racers, or Daphne from Scooby Doo. That little list probably says more about me than I should mention.

IMDb for the pictures apart from Sarah Jane from the BBC and Wilma is a screen grab from a DVD


Art Arfons

December 5, 2007

Keeping with dare devils, one of the greatest land speed racers ever, died on Monday. Art Arfons wasn’t just a guy with a need for speed, he was also innovative, talented and didn’t let anything stand in his way.

He bought a jet engine from an F104 Starfighter and when he asked for the manual, he was told the manual was still classified and he couldn’t have a copy.

So he built the Jet Engine without the manual and it worked!

What a guy


Evel Knievel dies aged 69

December 1, 2007

“America’s Legendary Daredevil” as described by the Smithsonian Institute has died aged 69. I lusted for a Stunt Cycle toy for Christmas and never did get one.

The things that guy did with an XR750 were amazing. A childhood hero is no more.


Font Matching

November 25, 2007

Working in Prepress it’s quite an every day experience to be asked to match a type face to some artwork supplied, may be for body copy or for modifying or redrawing a logo.

Ordinarily to match a font you would use the excellent services supplied by either What the Font by scanning and uploading an image of the font or use another font identifying service such as Identifont to identify a font based on a particular glyph or glyphs.

When it comes to redrawing, more often than not, it’s best to just get on with drawing it. Most letter forms are quite forgiving, a 6 can be a 9, a letter p can become a letter b or a letter d. There’s nearly always some work required but you’re 99% there.

However, the Germans have developed a font that makes it very difficult to perform the usual tricks in a bid to defeat number plate crime. The font is FE-Mittelschrift. FE stands for Fälschungs-Erschwert, meaning ‘difficult to forge’. One letter cannot be easily transformed into another. A more in depth analysis is available form useful design, that also has a neat flash movie that shows how the letters are ‘unbreakable’.

It would be pretty difficult to match the font without a full character set to reference while redrawing it. For example the the 6 cannot easily be used to make a 9, unless you know what a 9 looks like. A letter P cannot be made into a letter R and so on. Yet it it still legible and pleasing to the eye.


Pantone Clothing

November 15, 2007

There was an advert on the side of a bus this morning advertising Pantone matched clothes available at Uniqlo I was intrigued and I thought, I’ll get myself something. I hit the web site and couldn’t find anything. A quick Google search revealed this article from October. Perhaps it was an old advert, but it seems I’ve missed out.