Web standards are important and Nergalicious adheres to them. This site is made from a WordPress template called Neat! All the code is theirs and I thank them for providing a wonderful service.

The Nergalicious logo was designed and produced by myself. The font is a mystery to me, I know I had to use more than one and the Glyph Pallet in Adobe® Illustrator®. The definition will change from time to time, as will the background image.

If Nergalicious looks ugly in your browser, you’re using a bad browser that doesn’t support web standards. I’ve tried the site in a number of browsers and the only time it looked slightly off was in a none Mozilla browser and er, um, well a WebKit browser. I have had to modify some of the content to try and minimise this. I can’t do much about text reflowing, but the site looks good in Firefox. W3C Standards are there for a reason. Comply.

It still looks Ugly, Ugly, Ugly in Firefox on a PC. Huge nasty text re-flow, poor rendering of fonts- oh, that’s a difference between platforms… And font substituting on the machine I viewed it on.



  1. great seeing you mate,look forward to next time

  2. Cheers Perry, I’ll be around for Skunk’s wedding all being well

  3. Your logo fonts are Adobe Garamond and Bernhard Modern.

    Thanks for the mention of FontBook!

  4. Thanks for Bernhard Modern 🙂 And FontBook. Super Smile 🙂

    I was raking my brains for it and I have little time at the moment – moderating else where, studying for ISEB/ISTQB exams and trying to do a pile of other stuff as well.

    Why was I raking my brains? Nerg T-shirts are coming… Bear with me – You get one.

    Yeah, I could’ve used the Illy artwork, but many thanks.

  5. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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