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Font Matching

November 25, 2007

Working in Prepress it’s quite an every day experience to be asked to match a type face to some artwork supplied, may be for body copy or for modifying or redrawing a logo.

Ordinarily to match a font you would use the excellent services supplied by either What the Font by scanning and uploading an image of the font or use another font identifying service such as Identifont to identify a font based on a particular glyph or glyphs.

When it comes to redrawing, more often than not, it’s best to just get on with drawing it. Most letter forms are quite forgiving, a 6 can be a 9, a letter p can become a letter b or a letter d. There’s nearly always some work required but you’re 99% there.

However, the Germans have developed a font that makes it very difficult to perform the usual tricks in a bid to defeat number plate crime. The font is FE-Mittelschrift. FE stands for F√§lschungs-Erschwert, meaning ‘difficult to forge’. One letter cannot be easily transformed into another. A more in depth analysis is available form useful design, that also has a neat flash movie that shows how the letters are ‘unbreakable’.

It would be pretty difficult to match the font without a full character set to reference while redrawing it. For example the the 6 cannot easily be used to make a 9, unless you know what a 9 looks like. A letter P cannot be made into a letter R and so on. Yet it it still legible and pleasing to the eye.


More Pantone tomfoolery

November 6, 2007

I’ve mentioned some of the fun Pantone related products before, but here’s one that found it’s way to me today, doesn’t quite match your regular horror scope, but it’s a bit of fun.


Amazing work

November 4, 2007

Extremely talented work form one of the best guys out there. Some of the images can be a little disturbing

And it’s a beautifully designed site


Comic Sans

October 27, 2007

A lot has been said about Comic Sans and I have a fairly strong view on it as well. It is possibly the most over used font that’s used most inappropriately that’s ever been designed. Some of this comes from Microsoft making it available in the system fonts, when it might have been better locked away and used only for the interface it was designed for – MS Bob.

It’s use in printed materials at type sizes that it wasn’t meant to be used at seems to be the route of all the vitriol it attracts. This is the fault of the people who used it rather than a fault of the type face, or the designer for that matter. It solved a particular problem and solved it well. Technically it isn’t a great face, but Comic Sans wasn’t meant to be.

The designers thoughts on the matter can be read here while some more of the history can be read here.

Some of the vitriol it attracts can be seen here and given the strength of feeling the subject, it’s not surprising Comic Sans has generated some humor as well in comic strips and video.



October 19, 2007

I came across this Flickr group today that has a delightful collection of ‘the end’ from films over the years. There’s some beautiful typography here and some real shockers as well.

Well worth enlarging some and clicking through the pages.


Pantone owned by X-Rite

August 24, 2007

A member of PPF has posted a thread that I think will have a far reaching effect on some software and PrePress in general. Pantone has been bought by X-Rite.

I’m thinking about licensing for a ‘Pantone’ Library in your software. I haven’t even got a clue who owns that, probably Pantone/Dupont. This will get interesting as I know a lot of shops that simply don’t manage colour.There’s been a big change with Pantone Bridge And I have no idea how the look up tables (the data that generates what they are composed of) are sold to the likes of Adobe and Quark.

Many thanks again to Mjetz


More wonderful type

August 23, 2007

Creativepro is currently running a series of retrospective articles concerning type that is very well illustrated, even including items from Rick Griffin an icon in many ways, but his use of type/letter forms is amazing.

Part one of creative pros overview is here

Part two is here