The Nerg

A skinny bloke and that’s for sure. I’ve been in prepress for nearly twenty years and although I moan about it, I must like it really or I wouldn’t do it.

I’m not in the trenches so much anymore. I’ve spent the last couple of years developing processes and procedures to streamline the operations of production. I like to think I’ve been relatively successful, having streamlined myself out of a job.

I’ve also been lucky enough to be selected to beta test software from several companies. This is proper beta not public beta and can be a very frustrating experience. I have no qualifications in testing software. I just know what’s supposed to happen. I get particularly uptight about poor user interfaces.

I’ll be posting about Apple computers at some point

Some proper qualifications in software testing will come and I hope to be testing software professionally by the end of the year. I may even get better at writing code, my coding couldn’t be any worse. Though I did once create a web browser called ‘eye browse’ but anyone who saw it will tell you it was awful.

I find it incredibly difficult to write in the third person

The rest of the time you can find me at http://www.b4print.com/ where I am an administrator, skinny boy and clown.

If you’d like to see what I’m capable of professionally, take a look over here.



  1. Thanks for the positive comments and pictures Jez

    Next beer on me


  2. Hi Nerg:

    I’ve been in prepress since ’91, so I’m still young, only 17 years. You can get the rest of my bio from my about me page, if so interested.

    Like the blog, please keep blogging. For some reason, there’s not a lot of prepress bloggers out there, so we can’t afford to lose any.

    cheers, DJ

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