Nerg Sleeps

May 3, 2008

Realistically, Nerg must go to sleep for a while, mainly because the author must sleep. Now working nights or the first time in my life, time is simply lacking to think and focus properly on blogging in even my limited ability.

I have something else happening that is consuming my time in the most delightful way on the other side of the planet and will change my life forever if all goes to plan.

I scarcely have time to read all the stuff I need to research things adequately. If you can’t give your blog the attention it deserves then it’s time to stop.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and especially those who took the time to comment. It’s greatly appreciated.



  1. Good night!

  2. Most animals sleep during the winter. Are nergs only sleeping during summer or is this an extended all-year around slumber?

  3. Mostly likely an extended sleep. It’s pretty cosy where I am and it’ll be even better where I’m going.

    Something might appear next year though…

  4. Cheers, from the other side of the planet. 🙂 Now get some sleep!

  5. Wanna wake up?

  6. I’m thinking about it DJ…

    Have a good new year mate

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