Cheap Kit

September 9, 2007

Everyone that knows me, knows I’m a Mac head. When I’m asked “what computer should I buy?” I always ask how much they have to spend. My answer is invariably a Dell unless they have enough to spend on a Mac and then I’ll make the case, going out of my way in many cases to do so. Pound for Pound or Dollar for Dollar a Mac is a better bet. Flame me.

Dell make cheap kit.

However, it’s pretty hard to distance yourself from rivals when you produce exactly the same product. Cheap kit.

Sadly they set themselves on fire occasionally. Flame on!


One comment

  1. I’ll say he’s wedded to the Mac, we bought a PC about a month ago, and he’s not been round since. (not a Dell I hasten to add, but it does look nice) (what kind of a criterion is that to base a computer purchase on??)

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