One ugly clock

August 20, 2007

I like type, I really do. Beautiful use of type is wonderful, whether it be decorative or functional

Type should be unobtrusive, it shouldn’t stand out. Type is only part of the design and not the design itself in the majority of cases – unless you are truly talented.

It’s the same with functionality. Things should work so well that they’re intuitive and not intrude or cause inconvenience to operate.

Sadly this clock has the worst of both worlds.


The combination of fonts is eye jarringly ugly, the type has become the design, and far from the functionality being inconspicuous, I should think that it makes a horrible ‘Clack, Clack’ sound as the numbers flip over. Nasty and astonishingly expensive.


Thanks again to DD for the link to the clock. You’ll be hearing more directly from DD later all being well.



  1. Ya thats right, that is one ugly clock. Thanks for commenting my blog, http://dbrusilovsky.wordpress.com/.

    Please tell everybody about my blog!

  2. Cheers Daniel, I’m sure you’re getting a lot more traffic than I am 🙂 You are a remarkably talented individual.

  3. I have to agree with both of you boys… I find the clock a wonderful juxtaposition – The clean, unobtrusive design of the clock contrasted against the strange and unusual type combinations. If you were to describe the clock to someone, they would probably think “ransom letter”, but the clock manages to link the typefaces in such an unexpected and delightful way. I find the clock clock unusual, energetic and fun, all the while maintaining composure and form that could find it among the most Swedish of living spaces… It evokes a sense of progress and change, wed to a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity (due in the largest part to the legendary typefaces utilized). When I look at it, it is a reflective peice – a study through multiple styles, eras, emotions and mindsets, carefully and thoughtfully packaged into a single steady piece.

    Can I understand why you hate it? Yes. Do I think you are wrong? Of course. Can I understand why you balk at the price tag? Without a doubt.

  4. I like the idea of ransom letter. If you like type, maybe you would like to visit


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