Sell Dell

August 2, 2007

When I read the news I couldn’t help but smile. Michael Dell is desperately trying to reposition his company, going so far as offering XP and Unbuntu on their machines instead of simply being dragged along by the nose by Microsoft.

So what would you do if you were Dell? Don’t worry about it too much, just read this instead.



  1. What a load of ball, one mans opinion about how Dell have reduced their overall income in order to supply the end user a product that offers value for money, if we weren’t so over priced and followed Dell’s model of more for less (unlike ours of less for more) the we too would probably penetrate the market more and give Microsoft a run for their money!!

    Dark Destroyer

  2. Well Dark Destroyer, thanks for the comment.

    I’m not sure of your point of view, but the facts speak for themselves. It’s entirely possible that you could buy a Mac and run any flavour of XP, *nix(ish) 🙂 and never boot into OSX.

    The point is that Dell made an attack on Apple and now the boot (no pun intended) is squarely on the other foot. I was simply making a comparison and commenting on the facts. I understand that I may have upset Linux/Unbuntu people with the tag that said ‘Freetards’ but I read too much ‘Fake Steve’

  3. One man’s opinions to the world…..

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