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Pantone owned by X-Rite

August 24, 2007

A member of PPF has posted a thread that I think will have a far reaching effect on some software and PrePress in general. Pantone has been bought by X-Rite.

I’m thinking about licensing for a ‘Pantone’ Library in your software. I haven’t even got a clue who owns that, probably Pantone/Dupont. This will get interesting as I know a lot of shops that simply don’t manage colour.There’s been a big change with Pantone Bridge And I have no idea how the look up tables (the data that generates what they are composed of) are sold to the likes of Adobe and Quark.

Many thanks again to Mjetz


More wonderful type

August 23, 2007

Creativepro is currently running a series of retrospective articles concerning type that is very well illustrated, even including items from Rick Griffin an icon in many ways, but his use of type/letter forms is amazing.

Part one of creative pros overview is here

Part two is here


Biff Bash

August 22, 2007

In my previous post I mentioned how much I love the good use of type, and the inference was that I am dismayed when I see type used badly. So here is something that I saw today via the Serif. I like onomatopoeia, words that sound like what they’re describing. When I saw this today I was delighted.

Even the physical form of the type is almost onomatopoeic. If it evokes any childhood memories as well, then that is an added bonus. Enjoy.


One ugly clock

August 20, 2007

I like type, I really do. Beautiful use of type is wonderful, whether it be decorative or functional

Type should be unobtrusive, it shouldn’t stand out. Type is only part of the design and not the design itself in the majority of cases – unless you are truly talented.

It’s the same with functionality. Things should work so well that they’re intuitive and not intrude or cause inconvenience to operate.

Sadly this clock has the worst of both worlds.


The combination of fonts is eye jarringly ugly, the type has become the design, and far from the functionality being inconspicuous, I should think that it makes a horrible ‘Clack, Clack’ sound as the numbers flip over. Nasty and astonishingly expensive.


Thanks again to DD for the link to the clock. You’ll be hearing more directly from DD later all being well.


More Vapour Ware – Update

August 19, 2007

Some readers may remember me being annoyed that Pixelmator would supposedly ship in July and didn’t. It still hasn’t shipped, but there’s a closed beta available if you’re a member of the test team. I’m not. It’s not the same as a proper ship and thankfully they haven’t gone down the route of a Public Beta – that would be a proper ship. It’s either released or it’s not. Get a 1.0 out soon and an update shortly after.

Not being part of the beta team I don’t know if it’s taking advantage of any forthcoming Leopard features (unlikely for a beta – most testers won’t have access to dev releases of an OS) or changes to core image. I hope it ships before Leopard and a Leopard update isn’t far behind, assuming of course that Leopard isn’t delayed…


Not about the iPhone patent litigation

August 15, 2007

I have an unwritten rule that I will not talk about the iPhone until I actually own one, though I have mentioned the adverts for the device and had a go at MacWorld.

Currently someone is trying to sue Apple for patent infringement regarding the ‘keyboard’ on the iPhone. I don’t think it will get very far. Apple has some claim to ‘prior art’ with the ‘keyboard’ that was part of the Newton interface. If anyone can send me a link to a picture of it on screen, I’d appreciate it.

The patent that is claimed to be infringed was registered in 2000 but that is not the point, it’s irrelevant as far as I can see, interface or interaction wise.

The QWERTY lay out was invented by C.L. Sholes in 1870 something. It was designed to stop the most commonly used keys from striking each other. Which certainly has a greater claim to prior art.

I don’t understand copyright law in this context but can you imagine a situation where every keyboard manufacturer has to invent their own layout to avoid copy right infringement? It’s a pretty nasty thought. I still have to search around for an @ key on a PC and RDM has pretty good take on that, and the silly ‘Windows Key’.


Happy Birthday DF

August 14, 2007

I haven’t been visiting since day one, but I’m very happy I found it.


I’m having to use one of those things at work!

Here’s a link to the latest. Book mark it, I visit everyday.