Tell Adobe where Photoshop hurts

July 17, 2007

Undeniably Photoshop is one hell of a program, it has capabilities that the majority of users (myself included) will hardly, if ever, use.

One thing is for certain though. Sometimes it can take a long time to accomplish some tasks. Often you sit there watching a progress bar for longer than it actually took to accomplish what you were doing. Obviously if you’re working on a large image sometimes it’s just going to take ages.

Where does it hurt most? Opening a file? Saving a file or applying a transformation? Take the survey below and let Adobe know.




  1. I like Photoshop, but how come after all these years they haven’t been able to speed up loading time of the program? Although I just got a new computer yesterday and installed CS3, so we’ll see, maybe it’s better now…

  2. Cheers Erik,

    Yeah I know what you mean I think. I generally launch Photoshop and then open the image. Launch time is sluggish but PS does have a fairly large RAM overhead.

    New Computer? Windows or Mac? Not that it makes a lot of difference in this context.

    A lot of RAM makes PS smile.

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