PPF Pit Stop!

July 14, 2007

Only the entire engine was changed…

As some readers will know, I am a member of PPF (link coming). On Thursday, ‘The Big Boss’ changed engines, not in a Ferrari suing McLaren sort of way, although it is much more streamlined and faster.

It’s now powered by vbadvanced and the user interface is so much easier. Wanna up load a picture? Click, Browse, Post, Smile. Formatting is a world beyond what we had available previously and best of all no one now has to suffer my awful html. This is only a good thing for all concerned đŸ˜‰

To top the lot, ‘The Big Boss’ (I’m sure he’ll hate me for calling him that) did it on his birthday. What a guy!

Head here if you want to know how to get ink on paper or anything else that can be printed on.

(The Pit Stop bit was kind of a Prepress / Formula 1 joke…) OK, I’ll get my coat.

Thanks again.


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