Beta-Vapour Update.

July 10, 2007

Some readers may remember this rant form The Nerg.

I finally received a URL (and a password, obviously) I could download the software with. I am happy to report that for it’s status and ‘Known Issues’ it is a fairly robust  piece of software. No unexpected crashes, no failure of functionality within the ‘known limits’ and absolutely no Kernel Panics. All I have done today is to replicate what has gone before so that I could establish a point of reference from my own perspective and evolve from there.

Pleasingly there is even some documentation that is well written and informative. If the ‘Help’ pages are as good in the final product then that can only be a good thing. Having written plenty of documentation myself, it takes quite a bit to make me happy. I’m smiling. I also expect to be posting bug reports shortly…


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