First Impressions

July 3, 2007

As some of my faithful readers will know, I am aiming for a career change this year. No more Prepress but Professional Software Testing for ‘The Nerg’, all being well. I test software anyway, (never a public beta) but now I want to do it properly and get paid! And a few other things…

Bearing this in mind, I went to visit the company I plan to undertake my software testing exam with today. Well, let me say that first impressions were not favourable. Little more than a glorified Internet cafe, I thought. I was hesitant to say the least.

While chatting with the receptionist, I looked around. G4 X-Serve on the floor with a Cisco router siting on top! NetGear and Belkin Wireless hubs scattered about and a Dell box with its guts hanging out on a bench, in amongst a shed load of CAT 5 covered in dust that was active. It was all flashing ‘green’ and everything was ‘UP’. Kind of like my old office, I felt right at home 🙂 The training and testing room is tight and good.

My home set up is tidy and nice by the way.

The G4 X-Serve was out the rack because a nice new Intel one was being plumbed in, and a new Cisco router/switch – gigabit instead of 100base/T as well. I ran a bit of CAT 5 for ’em.

Feeling good about the prospects. All I have to do is pass the exam.


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