PIN Number misery

July 1, 2007

Currently ‘The Nerg’ is not smiling. It starts out as my own fault (I do have a small Brain) but the situation is compounded by the failure of others…

I get to the check out on Saturday and can I remember the PIN number for my Debit card? No. I make three attempts and that’s my lot. Game over. I’d only used the effing thing half an hour previously!

Step 1.
Leave the groceries with Customer Services and dash outside to use another card (on the same account, with the same PIN number.) in the cash point (ATM). Still can’t remember the effing PIN number.

Step 2.
Back in the store, I’m lucky enough to have just enough cash on me. Phew! At least I can eat…

Step 3.
Phone the bank as soon as I get in. Helpful chap says PIN number is fine, not blocked. All I have to do is remember it.

Step 4.
Fairly certain that I remember it, I manage to withdraw some money using the ‘other’ card for the same account.

Step 5.
Go to the pub that night and have a really nice time talking to friends etc. Attempt to pay by my Debit card and the PIN is blocked. What? Thankfully I have the cash on me.

Step 6.
The next day (today) I go to the cash point (ATM) and take out a shed load of cash (on the ‘other’ card). Pay in cash at the super market, for all the stuff I forgot the day before.

Step 7.
Get home and phone the bank. Finally get through to the Fraud department and they tell me after a lengthy conversation that the PIN block has been removed. The Nerg has retained his composure through out, is mighty happy at the news and thanks the bank most kindly.

Step 8.
Out for couple of beers and pay with my Debit card. Except I don’t because the PIN is still blocked. Thankfully I have the cash.

Step 9.
Get home and rant on my blog!

Step 10.
I’ll call the bank in the morning around 5-ish when I get up. They are open 24 hours, but I doubt that the Fraud department is, though having spoken to them on a Sunday, I may be in luck…

Like I say. A bit like hard cheese, only harder.


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