Quark gains 700 hundred extra user licenses.

June 26, 2007

Fair play to Quark I suppose, but having read the article I don’t quite understand the logic behind the decision.

QuarkXPress 7’s resolution of long-standing PDF-generation problems, which were synonymous with earlier versions of the desktop publishing software, proved a deciding factor in securing the deal.

Whereas there were few if any problems with InDesigns out put. Adobe invented the pdf format, so you would expect them to generate faultless out put. You could just use InDesign. Quark use a third party pdf engine.

Charley Lecat, Hebdoprint’s technical director, said:

“We couldn’t find anything better than QuarkXPress 7, particularly when it came to getting reliable PDF output – a key element in our production chain.”

Except that InDesign does it better and it’s default export format is pdf. In the same quote, he goes on to say..

“Removing Acrobat has simplified production and eliminated the cost of endless Adobe upgrades.”

You don’t need any flavour of Acrobat or Distiller to get pdfs out of InDesign. I would also question the statement about…

“endless Adobe upgrades”.

This doesn’t make sense. Assuming they use other Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator, they must have bought ‘Creative Suite 3’ at some point. Given the price of that software bundle, you’re effectively getting InDesign for nothing. By buying a single additional piece of software, that costs roughly the same as the entire Creative Suite you have added to your upgrade costs. Adobe update at around 18 months, though they have quietly released an update to GoLive this week. Then he contradicts himself…

In addition to resolving its PDF problems, Quark has released numerous updates since the launch of QuarkXPress 7 last June.

Admittedly the Quark updates have been free. The original version of 7 was so bad not even they had the cheek to charge for it. But it hasn’t been ‘endless’. He goes on to say…

Amongst these was support for Intel-based Macs, which proved another deciding factor for Hebdoprint.

Many companies have the Creative Suite running on an Intel Mac, It’s a none issue, CS3 runs natively.

There could possibly be a reason for this decision. Hebdoprint is a publisher of news titles and it’s quite possible that they have some heavy investment in bespoke automation software being driven out of / into a database via Quark. There are a great many publishers who do this especially since xml has become more pervasive. Saying anything about production processes is likely to be commercially sensitive.

There is a collection of professional users over here who deliver their own view. Good lads. A link to the original article is in the first post.

I’m only happy that I didn’t approve the purchase.



  1. […] or Quark on the shopping list? You wouldn’t, I’m not. For a further rant on this topic go here Quark gains 700 hundred extra user licenses. nergalicious Beware – Blog spam __________________ https://nergalicious.wordpress.com/ […]

  2. […] unlikely that Quark will respond. According to them they have the most reliable pdf workflow going. Some people are stupid enough to believe them. Regarding fonts, check you’re Acrobat settings aren’t set to use local fonts, is the best advice […]

  3. Original article here

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