Blogger Beta? Draft excluder!

June 17, 2007

Beta is dead! Long live the ‘Draft’. Well, sort of. Google attempts to make the word Beta pejorative*. They’ve probably succeeded as well. Google has released a version of Blogger that enables you to post video directly into your blog.

Why call it a ‘Draft’ when it is clearly a Beta? Or is it? Probably because there is a great deal of software out there that is currently in ‘Beta’ that shouldn’t be. So if I find a bug and report it to Google does that make me a draft excluder? I hope not, it’s gonna play havoc with my CV…

Clearly I don’t use Blogger, but I do use Gmail – a product that has been in private Beta since April 1st 2004 and public Beta since February 7th this year. I’ve used since January 2005. Pity the poor Alpha guys.

It’s not a Beta or a Draft. It’s released. A Beta implies that there is a stable commercial version of the software or that there is a freeware version already available and this is an upgrade, or it’s a public beta for software that is not yet for sale but will be.

Calling software a ‘Draft’ version is just playing with words. You can’t ‘kind-of’ release software. In the same way you can’t be a ‘little bit late’. You’re either on time or late.

*pejorative. (n.d.). The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Retrieved June 16, 2007, from Dictionary.com website:



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