Leopard Finder

June 14, 2007

Altogether I’m fairly impressed with Leopards new Finder. It seems that ‘Brushed Metal’ has joined ‘Aqua’ at the bottom of a lake wearing concrete socks…

‘Dark Grey’ is all the rage now, and no bad bad thing, though I wonder in practice how the more unified look will work with multiple windows open with only the window title, menu bar or pallets to identify which application you’re in. Finder windows look a lot like iTunes windows for example. It’s probably not that big an issue.

There are a couple of features I’m none too sure about though. Quick Look will come in handy at some point, with a nice Luminous Black HUD within a Dark Grey Finder window. I think it’s unlikely I’ll use Coverflow, but the technology behind it is pretty impressive. To be able to view a document without launching an application is neat, though you can do it with the Preview pane switched on in the current Finder. Basically it seems to be pdf of the document you’re looking at. I wonder what Quark documents will look like… Overall though Coverflow seems like eye candy, much like Exposé and Widget ripples. I’ve never found a use for Exposé and have no use for Widgets. I use the internet.

The new look Dock is a little ugly and intrusive. Why the reflections? Why the 3D look? What on earth will it look like at the side of the screen? Obviously having the Dock anywhere but the bottom of the screen is not only perverse and weird, it’s weird and perverse!

The transparent menu bar is a very wrong thing. What is the advantage? There isn’t one. Got a black desk top picture? Ooops!

Having the menu bar static is one of the advantages of the Mac, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for when you get there then that advantage is gone. Hopefully applications won’t adopt this feature. It would be a night mare in Photoshop and equally hopefully, there’ll be an option to switch transparency off in System Preferences or at least an integer you can edit in the plist.

There’s a lot more in the new Finder but mostly, Dark Grey is a winner, though Apples HIG has not been updated at the time of writing.


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