Safari 3.0 beta

June 12, 2007

Don’t misunderstand me I’m not defending Apple or Safari. I use an Apple every day and have done for over a decade, but I don’t use Safari, I don’t like it. I use Firefox or Opera. Safari 3 is in public beta. I don’t care why Apple have released it for Windows as well, it seems entirely pointless to me. There are problems on both Macs and PC’s. It’s becoming a very public Beta.

Considering that any application that was written for or ported to the Mac gets roundly slagged off if it doesn’t follow Apples HIG it’s a bit naughty that setting preferences in Safari on Windows drops you into an unashamedly Mac window. It’s not as if the Windows interface guide lines aren’t available.

It’s a beta.

There’s grief about font rendering on Windows. It’s a matter of personal taste. Being used to Apple I think Windows font rendering/antialiasing looks weired. It should be noted that an option to switch it off altogether would be nice as would working tool tips because the interface is quite alien to a Windows user unfamiliar with Apples way of doing things.

It’s a beta.

It’s hardly surprising that Safari 3 breaks a few widgets newer software often renders older parts obsolete. Apple has updated WebKit and a few other bits like the Java Script framework and anything that relies on the previous version is bound to break. At least Apple has included and uninstaller.

It’s a beta.

There has been a few bugs discovered, within hours of it’s release by Dave Maynor (Dave has further links in his article), and another by Thor Larholm. Thors expalnation of what’s happening is in depth and unbiased. Basically, Apple don’t have the depth of knowledge to write Windows applications.

It’s a beta.

The engine (where the probem lies rather than within the application itself) is open source, it will get fixed.

It’s a beta.


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