Technorati – broken

June 10, 2007

When Dave Sifry started Technorati, he had the fine ambition to catalogue every blog on the planet, something seems to have gone wrong though… As some readers will know I get a little uptight about search engines. After all they are critical to the way the web works. A bad search engine is like having boarded up windows on a shop front. You know it’s there but can’t see what’s inside.

Technorati is struggling it seems. At the end of last year, Googles Blogsearch had a nearly 170% gain in traffic according to hitwise. Now Technorati appears to have given up on it’s original mission which is a shame.

The web is ephemeral and there is a need for an equivalent of the British Library or the Library of Congress to record this stage of human development and mass consciousness. Clearly I don’t think we need to archive every blog about knitting and I’m not even sure that my ramblings have any merit or value, but some sort of history should be kept or it will be lost. There isn’t even a record of the content of the first ever e-mail. In terms of history that is awful, now that e-mail has become such a vital part of our existence. Though some say it’s dying.

In terms of performance Technorati appears to be struggling as well. It was never great as search engines go, but now it’s become little more than a tool for finding images that are tagged with keywords and metadata. Something that isn’t going to frighten the likes of google.

Once again I searched for myself. It appears I don’t exist, for a tool specifically designed to catalogue blogs this is pretty poor.

Then I click the Blog tab, oh look, there I am.

Clicking the link shows “Everything in the known universe” about Nergalicious, except of course it isn’t everything. Only three posts are listed except I’ve posted 56 times. Something is broken with Technorati and needs to be fixed.


Viewers should read the comments.


I don’t expect 56 results on a search for nergalicious, just so you know. Technorati accurately listed the last three posts I made.



  1. Of all of the information we display about a blog, (in the present design) we stop at showing the last three posts. I would recommend developing what Technorati knows about your blog as well as gain greater participation from your readers and Technorati members by
    * Use Technorati tags, it enables people browsing blog posts across topics to discover you
    * Claim your blog and upload your photo, putting a face on a publication attracts readers
    * Add the “Favorite This Blog” widget to your blog

  2. Thankyou Ian,

    I’ll upload a logo/avatar. I’m looking into Technorati tags right now. I know meta quite well and RDF in particular. I automated an entire prepress company on the the strength of it.

    Cheers for the advice, look on the bright side, you couldn’t imagine what I think of Ask.com., and the the whole Ask 3D thing.

    Thanks again

  3. Thanks for the beer.
    The Sallys pub rules

  4. Cheers for the beer as well Ian. (Different Ian) Good to talk again with someone who understands how a DB is suppposed to work. Thanks for dragging out a chair for me.

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