London 2012 – Ugly, Ugly, Ugly

June 4, 2007

What can I say? The logo for the London Olympics was unveiled today and it can only be described as ugly. Very ugly. It took me a moment to work out it actually said 2012. What’s 20R? It’s available in four colour ways, sadly none of them work. How could they with such a hideous design?

I don’t know what’s worse, the design or the tasteless talentless people saying how wonderful it is. It’s the Emperors New Clothes.

If you visit the site of the company that designed it you wouldn’t be too surprised, I clicked the first link I could find to get away from the grotesque home page. I won’t link to it on principle, and anyway, in the official press release it’s spelt incorrectly. There’s only one ‘l’. Can’t even get that right then.

It looks like I’m gonna be stabbed in the eye for the next five years.



I’ve just seen the TV ads, they look like a migrane.


The ads have been withdrawn after some people have had epileptic fits. It’s been found the ads don’t meet UK broadcasting standards. Perhaps they should have checked before releasing it.


Sign a petition to get rid of the monstrosity




  1. Oh, I thought those were throwing star logos for the Ninja Olympics.

    Or bone spurs.

  2. That’s the most imaginative comment I’ve heard all day regarding this travesty of design

  3. […] I don’t have any idea what in the hell is going on with this. What is it? Throwing stars for the Ninja Olympics? […]

  4. what’s with all the rigid lines? why can’t the numbers just be normal? way overdone


  5. Is that the San Andreas post “The BIG ONE?!” LMAO ;o)

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