Tennis – Harder than you think

June 3, 2007

A lot harder.

To cut a long story short, the ‘Most Favourite’ decides to buy a new racket after failing to find her old one and off we set to the court. On the way, she realises that she has forgotten to print out the rules. This comes as a great relief to the Nerg, who was only expecting to play ‘get it over the net’. It turns out I needn’t have worried.

After five minuets of dashing about the court, trying to establish something like a rally, the Nerg is pouring with sweat (it was very hot) and gasping for air like a trout on a river bank. The ‘Most Favourite’ didn’t exhibit a single bead of of sweat on her brow and wasn’t at all out of breath.

I sat down for a couple of minuets in the shade and drank some water. Amazingly my heart rate returned to normal fairly quickly, so I can’t be that unfit and we continued to play for about another 45 minuets. When I say play, you should understand that I mean we displayed our complete lack of ability. It quickly turned into a game of ‘it doesn’t matter how many times it bounces just get it over the net!’ We only lost one ball and that was because of me. If it doesn’t come down soon we may have to inform NASA. It was funny and fun.

Back home I drank a litre of water and promptly fell asleep!

This morning I have a pain down the left hand side of my back, I’m right handed so that makes sense. Definitely some pulled muscles.

Another game is planned for tomorrow and hopefully it will be a better way to relax after work instead of a couple of beers. I should think I’ll sleep well.



  1. Why cut a long story short? I would have thought there would have been a good A4 side of ragging about the technical supremacy of the Favourites serve… seriously haha! Will refine that tomorrow, maybe we’ll last more than an hour this time…

  2. If you had ever seen the ‘technical supremacy’ of the ‘Most Favourites’ serve, you’d still be laughing now. I saw it, I’m still laughing. It’s a grudge match sports fans. ‘The Nerg’ is no monkey 🙂

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