Beta Vapour

June 3, 2007

Recently I received an e-mail News Letter from a company that I’m a registered Beta Tester with. Nothing wrong with that, it’s what I’d expect. However, I would also expect some software.

A mail is one thing, software is quite another. A Public Beta is a waste of time. I will not Public Beta. That’s what the public is for.

DF has a good definition of Vapour Ware, but Vapour Beta is the limit. It really is.

Not only has version 1 of this software never shipped, it needs Tiger, oh good. Version 2 will need Leopard, oh not so good. So this is a piece of software that’s never been released, reliant on another piece of software that’s never been released.

Vapour on Vapour?

Not quite, at least we know roughly when Leopard will ship.

Additionally the mail contained many dead URL’s. Now we have ‘Vapour Links’


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