Smaller still

June 2, 2007

Coincidence 3.

There I was on Thursday lunch time (it’s been a long week) walking around the 7-11 close to work on a mission to buy my lunch when I innocently walk into the next isle in search of sandwiches. ‘Hang on a minuet’, I thought to my self, ‘I’m sure that’s Mr Marc’.

Sure enough it was. He was never my manager, but he was the boss of some of the people I hired and always thanked me for building him a good team. We were both amazed and delighted to see one another. Turns out he’s working just down the road from me. Another casualty of our previous companies shut down working on the ‘wrong’ side of the river. Apparently one of ‘my lads’ is working “across the road”. A reunion is being planned.

Very big planet, very small world.


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