Interesting User Interface

June 2, 2007

There’s been quite some talk about Pixelmator across the blogs the last few days and the video demonstration of the application is very compelling. The only thing that really worries me about the video is that at the the end. The image is closed after multiple edits and no dialogue box appears asking if you’d like to save! Ooops!

While most of the functionality is available because of Core Image and similar applications are available, it’s the User Interface that spikes my interest.

Borrowing heavily from Apples HUD, as found in iPhoto, Aperture and Front Row etc, it’s interesting to see and a step away from Apples official Human Interface Guidelines. I’m sure I read somewhere that the ‘colour neutral’ interface is called Luminous Black, but I keep calling it Bright Black. I’m thinking that this look will become more common once Leopard is released. From what I’ve seen of Leopard, it doesn’t seem to be the case. With WWDC not far away anything could happen I suppose. You can bet that if there is such a dramatic shift away from the Aqua interface, Apple will be keeping it very close to their corporate chest.


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