The world just got a little bit smaller

May 28, 2007

I’ve had strange weekend. All sorts of things have happened that have given reason to pause and think without coming up with any definite conclusions. A couple of coincidences really got me thinking (amongst other things)…

Coincidence 1.

I get on the train going to work on Friday morning and grab the first seat I can find. As I’m digging around in my bag for my book I’m tapped on the leg by the person opposite. “Hello Nerg” he says. “Bloody hell” says I, “Hello mate”…

I used to work with this guy a couple of years ago. I was Senior Artworker on the opposite Day shift to his Nights where he was a Junior, before I got him promoted (after the dreadful resolution disaster). It was all sorted after I explained ‘effective resolution’. 96 dpi is not LoRes if the pixel dimensions are as big as a barn.

A fairly random encounter. However, the guy that interviewed me for the second time at my new job used to be on the same shift as him, but working for a different account, and I’m pretty sure that I hired their boss. Sadly I can’t find any documentation to support this. He now works about a five minuet walk away from me.

Coincidence 2.

Sitting in the bar on Sunday night, a bunch of people that I have never met before (but clearly known to the owner of the bar that I was sitting with) came and joined us. It turns out that one of them is originally from about 5 minuets away from my mother. That’s 150 miles from where we’re sitting. We went to the same school, we know the same people.

Small world indeed.


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