Multiple pages in Adobe Illustrator

May 28, 2007

With Adobe killing off Freehand some users are bemoaning the fact that Illustrator doesn’t support multiple pages amongst other things. It is possible to create multiple page documents in Illustrator, but not quite in the way other multipage applications do.

As an example a two/four page A4 document. Make the artboard 420 millimeters wide by 297 millimeters high. In the print dialogue box under the Setup section, select ‘Tile Full Pages’ from the tiling pop-up menu. Next go to the General section and change the page orientation so that it looks like what you want.

When you go back to the document window make sure you that have ‘Show Page Tiling’ switched on under the View menu. You should see two side-by-side pages with non-printing numbers “1” and “2” in the lower left corner.

If you then save as a pdf it will be a two page document. However there is a small snag with this. In the Save dialogue box you have an option to ‘Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities’, if this is switched on, your pdf will only be a single page, so switch it off. If you then want to open the pdf in Illustrator again, Illustrator will ask which page you’d like to open.

I don’t recommend editing pdfs in Illustrator.

Alternatively you can do something sensible, like using Illustrator for illustration and InDesign for multiple page documents.

Another alternative would be to use this nifty plugin.



  1. Yay 🙂 thanks a lot, I needed this

  2. GREAT! Thanks – this is just what I needed.

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