May 25, 2007

A few weeks ago I wrote that my new MacBook wouldn’t sleep, no matter what tinkering I did. The only things I discovered, that the Login Window doesn’t control this and the power settings are global, didn’t help, so I left it at that. As these things do, it started to niggle me. Surely if there are multiple accounts and changing the settings only alters an integer in the plist then something else must be at work somewhere.

It really began to niggle when the MacBook started spontaneously waking up. At first I thought some minor tremor had just moved the mouse enough to trigger wake up. So I disconnected it. Same thing happened without the mouse. Hmmm. Reading .plist files is pretty dull, but I had little else to do. As I mentioned in the previous post the obvious culprit was the powermanagement.plist. but that wasn’t making any difference. Opening up the plist files mentioned below won’t show anything in the text that seems remotely related, for example in the system uiserver.plist, you’ll see absolutely nothing about sleep or power management, but it has to go…

In my home folder, I started looking for clues. I took a guess and thought it must be something to do with the interface and system preferences. I’m setting a system preference after all. You need to remove these files to restore correct operation.

In my Home Folder, (I realise the tilde isn’t needed).


In the ‘top level’ Library folder


Move these to the desktop & restart. Once you’re satisfied that all is well, you can remove them from your desktop and let you Mac sleep soundly.


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