Human Interface Guidelines

May 16, 2007

Thanks to DD and a rambling phone call (on his part) late last night for this.

Indie HIG looks like an ambitious attempt to document what Apple are doing with their Human Interface.

From the site:

The project is not intended to replace, but rather to supplement the somewhat dated Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). There are many instances of Apple using new and experimental interface styles, spurring developers to emulate these styles in their own applications. Unfortunately, because Apple provides neither guidelines nor code for developers to work with, the implementation of these interface styles and features by third parties can be lopsided and directionless. The IndieHIG intends to change this by providing a comprehensive set of guidelines governing the use and appearance of new, undocumented interface elements so that their implementation by third party developers adheres to the unwritten standards that Apple has set. Additionally, the guidelines will help make the programming task simpler, as code for many of these new interface elements is distributed free of charge and strings.


Apples somewhat out dated Human Interface Guidelines are available here



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