Icon Design

May 9, 2007

It’s difficult to design an Icon for an application, should it be representative or figurative? Some great designs immediately spring to mind, such as Firefox, or possibly Safari, both are browsers, neither could be more different. Yet neither show by their icon or name the function of the application.

Imagine Adobe trying to come up with a whole new series of icons in an attempt to unify it’s many products, some from other software houses originally. It’s hardly surprising that their icon set for CS3 has drawn such criticism.

Over at Quark Versus Indesign they launched a competition to design a better set. That competition is now closed and the winner has been announced. I realise this sort of thing is highly subjective, and there is no doubt that a great deal of effort has gone into the work, but I am very disappointed with the results.

I think Adobe got their low key icon set right in comparison to what has been entered. The first comment says it all really. “I can’t believe how bad all these are”

Check them out for yourself


I don’t know if wordpress have a policy on external links, but the URL above is correct but won’t work, you’ll have to cut and paste. Strangely the links to Apple site in a previous post are working fine.

Thanks to Kit the link is working now.



  1. It’s because your link text has http:// twice in the href

  2. Cheers for that, clearly I han’t noticed, I’ll edit the link now. Thanks again Kit

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