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It only takes an idea

May 29, 2007

I think this is brilliant. Get a whole load of tribute bands, round ’em up, put ’em in a field and…

Glastonbudget is Europe’s largest Tribute Music Festival and happens this weekend 25th -27th May. We recently ranked 20th UK festival by the Times which isn’t bad for a festival only in its 3rd year!



The world just got a little bit smaller

May 28, 2007

I’ve had strange weekend. All sorts of things have happened that have given reason to pause and think without coming up with any definite conclusions. A couple of coincidences really got me thinking (amongst other things)…

Coincidence 1.

I get on the train going to work on Friday morning and grab the first seat I can find. As I’m digging around in my bag for my book I’m tapped on the leg by the person opposite. “Hello Nerg” he says. “Bloody hell” says I, “Hello mate”…

I used to work with this guy a couple of years ago. I was Senior Artworker on the opposite Day shift to his Nights where he was a Junior, before I got him promoted (after the dreadful resolution disaster). It was all sorted after I explained ‘effective resolution’. 96 dpi is not LoRes if the pixel dimensions are as big as a barn.

A fairly random encounter. However, the guy that interviewed me for the second time at my new job used to be on the same shift as him, but working for a different account, and I’m pretty sure that I hired their boss. Sadly I can’t find any documentation to support this. He now works about a five minuet walk away from me.

Coincidence 2.

Sitting in the bar on Sunday night, a bunch of people that I have never met before (but clearly known to the owner of the bar that I was sitting with) came and joined us. It turns out that one of them is originally from about 5 minuets away from my mother. That’s 150 miles from where we’re sitting. We went to the same school, we know the same people.

Small world indeed.


Multiple pages in Adobe Illustrator

May 28, 2007

With Adobe killing off Freehand some users are bemoaning the fact that Illustrator doesn’t support multiple pages amongst other things. It is possible to create multiple page documents in Illustrator, but not quite in the way other multipage applications do.

As an example a two/four page A4 document. Make the artboard 420 millimeters wide by 297 millimeters high. In the print dialogue box under the Setup section, select ‘Tile Full Pages’ from the tiling pop-up menu. Next go to the General section and change the page orientation so that it looks like what you want.

When you go back to the document window make sure you that have ‘Show Page Tiling’ switched on under the View menu. You should see two side-by-side pages with non-printing numbers “1” and “2” in the lower left corner.

If you then save as a pdf it will be a two page document. However there is a small snag with this. In the Save dialogue box you have an option to ‘Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities’, if this is switched on, your pdf will only be a single page, so switch it off. If you then want to open the pdf in Illustrator again, Illustrator will ask which page you’d like to open.

I don’t recommend editing pdfs in Illustrator.

Alternatively you can do something sensible, like using Illustrator for illustration and InDesign for multiple page documents.

Another alternative would be to use this nifty plugin.


Turret Wars

May 27, 2007

It’s not often I play games on my Mac, or anything anymore. I got rid of my original play station after becoming hooked on Crash Bandicoot (of all things). It robbed me of every spare moment I had to the expence of things I should actually be doing, but recently I downloaded a demo of Turret Wars. As games go it’s not the most complicated, but very compelling. So compelling infact that I’m thinking of buying the full product… No more early nights for me then.


Sporty Nerg

May 26, 2007

Those of you who know the Nerg, also know that he is rarely away from a keyboard.

Nergs favourite person e-mailed the other day asking if I’d like to play tennis! I was a little taken aback. This person knows me better than anyone. Not having taken any form of physical exercise for nearly 15 years, I tentatively agreed. During the intervening years I have drank and smoked far too much, this’ll be interesting I thought to myself. Had to get a shed load of new kit and stuff (like a tennis racket) into the bargain.

Not having taken exercise for so long you’d imagine that I’m a little bit chubby, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a mystery to both me and medical science, how I remain so remarkably thin.

Then disaster at the eleventh hour, Favourite person couldn’t find her racket! Only a small detail of course, the ever inventive Favourite decided that we could go jogging instead! So we meet and the Favourite laughs at the sight of the Nerg in his sporty outfit. Hardly surprising. So we set off and we’re both out of breath at the top of the steps! The Nerg is heartily (no pun intended) reassured at this, it’s not going to be a dreadful embarrassment after all. Run a bit, walk a bit. Nice, I enjoyed it and felt a lot better for it.

Tennis soon all being well, in the meantime the Nerg is off to the place he is when not at a keyboard… Here




May 25, 2007

A few weeks ago I wrote that my new MacBook wouldn’t sleep, no matter what tinkering I did. The only things I discovered, that the Login Window doesn’t control this and the power settings are global, didn’t help, so I left it at that. As these things do, it started to niggle me. Surely if there are multiple accounts and changing the settings only alters an integer in the plist then something else must be at work somewhere.

It really began to niggle when the MacBook started spontaneously waking up. At first I thought some minor tremor had just moved the mouse enough to trigger wake up. So I disconnected it. Same thing happened without the mouse. Hmmm. Reading .plist files is pretty dull, but I had little else to do. As I mentioned in the previous post the obvious culprit was the powermanagement.plist. but that wasn’t making any difference. Opening up the plist files mentioned below won’t show anything in the text that seems remotely related, for example in the system uiserver.plist, you’ll see absolutely nothing about sleep or power management, but it has to go…

In my home folder, I started looking for clues. I took a guess and thought it must be something to do with the interface and system preferences. I’m setting a system preference after all. You need to remove these files to restore correct operation.

In my Home Folder, (I realise the tilde isn’t needed).


In the ‘top level’ Library folder


Move these to the desktop & restart. Once you’re satisfied that all is well, you can remove them from your desktop and let you Mac sleep soundly.


Irritating Noise

May 23, 2007

My old T-Book never made a sound (apart from the usual spinning of disks), after the upgrade to Tiger. It used to make a little ‘wheeze’ from the hard drive as it powered down under Panther.

Another niggle with the MacBook, especially when waking up, is an irritating noise from the Superdrive as the motor receives power. The Superdrive in my T-Book was and still is silent.

The sound from the MacBook never bothered me enough to worry about it, but it must have bothered enough people to make Apple respond with a Knowledge Base article, it even has sound clips.

MacBook, MacBook Pro: Noises from the optical drive