A nifty bit of kit

March 12, 2007

Recently I had to buy a scanner, I didn’t want anything fancy, all I had to do was scan some samples of my work and post them on my other site. We’re not talking press quality here! Having had good experiences with a Canon Lide 30 a few years ago, I started there, only to discover they are no longer produced. Hmm, the Lide 60 is a fine scanner, but more than I needed, the Lide 25 looked like just the ticket.

I tracked one down to a reseller on Tottenham Court Road, their web site said they had one in stock. Arriving at the shop, their inventory system said they had one in stock. Happy days! Until they couldn’t actually find it. After much hanging around while one of the most helpful salesmen I have ever encountered went to great lengths to help me out, I ended up buying the demo model. This had never been used, it had just sat on a shelf in the shop. They knocked a tenner off and I’m a happy boy.

The quality is fine for my needs and it even scans pretty quickly considering that it’s attached by USB 1 and draws it’s power through the same connection.

Now if only Cannon had spent a little more time and effort on the software…

Oh dear


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