They’re at it again

March 9, 2007

It looks like Microsoft have spent another pile of cash on something no one wants because it isn’t needed.

A brand new photo format called HD photo. Honestly, isn’t there enough photo formats out there? Graphic Converter can import something like 200 image formats and export to about 80, if memory serves correctly.

Apparently Microsoft are submitting the format to an International Standards Organisation – I can’t find out which, but I hope it’s ISO (mainly because I hope they throw it out). The point is, what’s the point? What’s wrong with JPEG 2000? The format is prevalent and the Joint Photographic Expert Group know what they’re doing. Litigation is still ongoing for none payment of licence fees as far as I know. This is an old link to the story from Wired. I can’t find the out come, perhaps someone can let me know.


It looks like another ‘closed standard’ though. A bit like OpenXML instead of XML, WMA instead of AAC or MPEG, the Zunes hideous DRM that clashes / overwrites / cripples the Creative Commons License or how Internet Explorer doesn’t comply with W3C standards.

No surprises here then.


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