The worst User Interface ever

March 5, 2007

It seems that all the clock radios I’ve seen have a problem with setting the time and the alarm. There’s no problem with the functionality as such, it’s the implementation that’s the problem

If I want to get up a bit earlier I have to hold down three small buttons at the same time, hold down one small button, and press another little button to change the hour, hold down one small button, and click another small button the number of times I want the minuets to be set at. It’s a bit of an extreme example, but you get the idea.

That’s nearly 60 clicks to wake up just ten minuets earlier for example. It’s much easier for me to set the alarm on mobile phone. How come it’s easier to set the alarm on my mobile than it is on something made expressly for the purpose?

There is one big button that doesn’t hurt your finger tips. That’s the snooze button, yet I never have to hit the snooze button nearly sixty times. There has to be a better way to design a clock radio.


One comment

  1. Pretty poor if you’ve got arthritis. My guess is that it was designed by a young male engeineer. Why do I say that, good at the sums, bad at the design and soft stuff that would make it work.

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